Our Experience

With over 10 years of experience, our partners, engineers and analysts offer a wide range of existing skillsets to run the day to day operations at Shelt:

  • Technical and commercial experience in cybersecurity
  • Strong expertise in managing a Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity advisory services
  • Broad industry certifications and experiences
  • Strong footprint in Europe and Africa
  • Deep knowledge of the telecom and banking sectors
  • Strong ties to diverse academic bodies
  • Global access to threat intelligence centers

Our Partners

With an extensive network of partners in Europe and Africa, we have a strong understanding of these business environments and are highly adaptable to their needs.

We help our customers to rapidly Adapt and Respond to internal or external changes, demands, and threats

SHELT has partnered with:

  • Cisco, besides continuous developments in core areas that provide easy access to information anywhere, at any time; Cisco offers an integrated, innovative portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence that gives scope, scale, and capabilities to attain effective security in a world of evolving threats.
  • Firstwave, a publicly listed Australian company to provide Mobile operators and service providers with unique, integrated cloud-based, white-labeled, and CAPEX-free Security Platform as a Service (SPaaS); 
  • Potech Consulting, offering Cybersecurity consultancy services and solutions, in line with the business requirements, to large scale industries and public sector;
  • BDO East Africa, member of BDO International, the leading, exceptionally capable provider of professional services and innovative solutions.  Embracing future-oriented technology and focusing on quality; BDO delivers long-term value to customers, help them face business challenges and ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the African continent.
  • OUMOU Group, a leading IT services company offering in addition to equipment, a diversified, highly available, range of solutions, security and virtualization systems as well as advisory services.  Thus, putting know-how and technology at the service of the growth of organizations in Senegal and in the sub-region.
  • Beware Cyberlabs, offering cutting edge tailored training and simulation solutions and services with an R&D and Training labs located in France.

With a strong team leading the practice, the company is well positioned in Europe and the Middle East and Africa